SYSVIEW LONGCMD to enter Datacom console command
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SYSVIEW LONGCMD to enter Datacom console command


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Datacom/DB Datacom/AD SYSVIEW Performance Management


How to enter commands to CA SYSVIEW that exceed the command line?

For example, CA Datacom console command for DYNAMIC_EXTEND may exceed the command line. The format is:

/f mufname,DYNAMIC_EXTEND,dbid,area,number,type




Use the CA SYSVIEW LONGCMD command which allows to you enter up to 254 character command.

Additional Information

For HELP, from CA SYSVIEW online command HELP LONGCMD:

The LONGCMD command displays a long command input field allowing a command as long as 254 characters to be entered. To execute a command from the screen displayed by the LONGCMD command, type the command in the input field and press Enter. You are returned to the previous screen and the command you have entered is executed. To display this help screen, press F1. To exit the LONGCMD display without executing and commands and return to the previous screen, press F3. You may also press F2 to recall a previously executed command.