Timesheet Integration with Rally - troubleshooting


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This KB walks through the steps of some known issues related to the Clarity Timesheet Integration with Rally as well as some details that will aid support in troubleshooting. 


Release : All

Component : CA Clarity Rally (Agile Central) Timesheet Integration


Known Issues



Getting Help

If the above doesn't solve your issue, please open a case with Broadcom support requesting assistance. Providing the below details can assist in investigation:

  • User ID for the Integration Owner
  • Browser(s) reproduced in
  • Are you using the Rally Community App or custom HTML app?
  • Details of the integration configuration for the app in Rally
  • Developer Tools (Har) file when issue is reproduced
  • What error do you see from the Rally Application side?
  • If no error, do you see a white/grey screen, or any other symptom?

Additional Information

See also: Rally Integration Sync Issues - Troubleshooting