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Getting an error when trying to manage a software product. "An error has occurred while saving software product changes. Check server logs for detail"


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Software Management Solution


The customer is trying to "manage software" from recently discovered ones.

He is following these steps:

1. Under the SMP Console, Go to Manage > Software
2. Search for product and select specific version you want to manage
3. It will take to the product with the “software component summary” box with button to "Manage this software"
4. Press "Manage this software"
5. Display “Manage Software Component – Define Product” window. Click Next
6. It will allow you to select a product category with state "managed". Click  Next
7. Display software name with “create” button, select Create

An error window is displayed.


Getting the following error message in the NS log:

"A software product matching the key of the one you are creating already exists"


Having 2 of the same software already in place: one under "managed product" and another under "unmanaged software".


ITMS 8.5 RU3


Validate that you don't have two software with the same name.

You can delete the duplicate one under "Unmanaged Software" and leave the one under "Managed Products".