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Unable to add text field to grid portlet


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I'm trying to add a new 'standard' column to a custom portlet. One example of an attribute attempted to be included is Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) type. 


  1. From the Admin -> Studio -> Portlets list, select the custom grid portlet.
  2. On the List Column Section > Fields, click the 'new' button.
  3. The system then displays a Create Virtual Column screen, with only Gantt, image, or progress bar display types. There is no option to create a Standard column with a text display type.


The fields for the portlet are pulled from the object (or query if the portlet is a query based portlet) they are associated with so the attribute must first be added to the related Object (and query if applicable).


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If the portlet is object based:

Create the attribute on the object first, then it will show up as an available attribute to add to the layouts for the portlet. The below example is using the Project Object as the associated object to the portlet. 

  1. In Clarity go to Administration->Studio->Objects->Project
  2. Click on the Attributes tab
  3. Click New
  4. Enter Required information and click Save
  5. Now navigate back to the portlet and go to the List column Section tab. 
  6. From the List Column Section->Fields view, change the Display drop down to All then click Go to view all available attributes. The new one you created for the project object should appear.  
    • Or, from the List Column Section drop down, select Layout and you should see the new attribute in Available Columns which you can add to Selected Columns.

If this is a query based portlet:

First create the attribute on the associated object the query pulls from (See steps 1-4 above), then see the example in KB Add a custom attribute to a query based portlet that provides suggestions to add a custom attribute to a query to get it then added to the query based portlet.