Top Secret Automatic Terminal Signon (ATS) and NOPW
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Top Secret Automatic Terminal Signon (ATS) and NOPW


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Top Secret


The ATS procedure calls for the use of NOPW combined with a terminal source. What is the best practice for securing Automatic Terminal Signon?

Are there OS/VTAM limitations that would prevent an attacker from impersonating/assuming the identity of a terminal secured via this method?

Is NOPW excluded from the NOPW STIG when using ATS?  


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


*Documentation has been changed to support the removal of NOPW and NOPW STIG*

Automatic Terminal Signon supports the removal of NOPW (NOPW STIG) and can give acid(s) a password for Automatic Terminal Signon processing. 

Automatic Terminal Signon recommends using SOURCE protection to be used along with a password.

Additional Information

For more information on Automatic Terminal Signon Procedures reference the link below:

Automatic Terminal Signon Procedure


STIG ID - BTSS0005: PASSWORD(NOPW) Option Must Not Be Specified for Any ACID