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List ACIDs and only the last used / logon date in Top Secret


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Top Secret


Using TSS LIST, is there a way to list just the ACID and the last used / logon date for all users?  


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


  There isn’t a command that will list just the ACID and the last used date for all users.  TSS LIST(ACIDS) DATA(BASIC) but it will show more than the last used date.

    Run a TSSCFILE/TSSCFBK with TSS LIST(ACIDS) DATA(BASIC) and write a program (EARL or SAS) to parse the TSSCFILE/TSSCFBK output and just show the ACID and last used date. The last used date is in record ID 0900.
            Columns 15-22 contain the user ACID
            Columns 33-40 contain the last used date. 
            Columns 41-45 contain the time last used. 
            Columns 46-49 contain the CPU.
            Columns 50-57 contain the FAC. 
            Columns 58-62 contain the COUNT.     

NOTE: TSS LIST(ACIDS) … should be done during off-peak hours because it does a lot of I/O to the security file, which can negatively impact performance. (TSSCFBK runs against the backup file so it won’t impact performance.)