sql_response 1.80 appears to ignore query timeout
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sql_response 1.80 appears to ignore query timeout


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The sql_response probe 1.80 version (1.80T1) probe does not respect the query timeout - queries always time out after 30 seconds regardless of what it is set in the configuration.


  • DX UIM 20.4.* / 23.4.* 
  • SQL_RESPONSE < 1.81-T1


Defect DE604627


Attached to this article is sql_response-1.81-HF1.zip. It contains a fix for this issue. 


Below are the Hotfix release notes and resolved issues:


Probe : sql_response
Version : 1.81-HF1
Release type : hotfix

Description : 
When the probe is restarted, by default all the alarms will be cleared. To avoid this, a new key "disable_clear_alarms_on_restart" has been introduced in 1.81-HF1, when this key is set to yes through raw configure, then the alarms will not be cleared on probe restart.
By default, the query timeout is set to 30 seconds. When the user increases the timeout, the probe still throws a timeout error when the query takes more than 30 seconds. This issue is fixed in this hotfix version.

Steps to apply the patch: 
1. Deploy the probe hotfix verion 1.81-HF1 on to the robot.
2. Clean up all the conf_sql_response* files from the temp folder.
   Path : C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\2\util
3. Start configuring the probe.

Fixed defect : 
DE563272 : sql_response probe clears the alarms automatically on startup. Can this be avoided?
DE584486 : Query time out was not functioning as per the updated value.

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sql_response-1.81-HF1.zip get_app
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