url monitoring for different page response


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DX Infrastructure Management


Currently we are monitoring a url through the url_response probe. We have one question which is when running fine url is as below:


But when it stops working, the url changes to below:


Is there any way to monitor this resultant url?


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - URL_RESPONSE


Using url_response you could test the results using 'Retry page fetch on alarm situation.'

You could also try creating 2 profiles, one for the good/expected page return and one for the error result. It depends on what the end goal is.

You can 'alarm when a substring is found' within the page like the error message content - check the page via View->Source when it switches to the error, or alarm when substring not found,

Or you can use the e2e_appmon probe for transaction 'scripting' and handling the page results, but that is more involved and takes more work.