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Failure Creating an Alarm Policy in OC 20.3 using long regex statement


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When creating an alarm policy using a regex statement and attempting to save it.  We receive a "failure executing action - Request failed with Status code 500).




Regex is longer than 256 characters.


Release : 20.3



This regex field is designed with a limit of 256 characters.  Anything over that will generate this error.  You can break the longer regex filter into smaller strings to use in other conditions of the same policy.

Additional Information

- Can we set up a single policy with multiple conditions on the same metric with the same priority by breaking down the long regex filters into strings less than 256 characters?
---> Yes it is possible and it is one of the alternatives for the issue

- Could we create multiple policies to do the same thing?
---> Yes you can create multiple policies to do the same thing

- Are there any other ways to create alarm policies to match a very long regex string?
---> No, As the existing library supports only 256 maximum characters.


This issue is reported as resolved in UIM 20.3.3.
20.3.3 Resolved Issues