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APMIA -- How do I create a scheduled task to start it


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


How do I create a scheduled task to start APMIA ? I want the Agent to keep running even though the user is logged out.


Release : SAAS



You should be able to find easily online documentation on creating a scheduled task.

 Point the task to use


Other tips:
1) 'Run if user is not logged in' option in Task Scheduler does not work for programs that is interactive mode. Example notepad, clock. Tasks will not run interactively. Make sure your program does not requires any interactive actions.

2)Check the “Start in (optional) “ If your program path is not one of the system paths. You have better to add you program path in it. On the "Program/Script" enter only the name of the program, and enter the path of your script in "Start in".

3)The user account you setup for your program must have permission not only to run your program itself and but also to run all other program that related to your program