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How to track redirects in Blazemeter


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In JMeter redirect urls can be made visible by including a  "View Results in Table" listener and enabling the "Child Samples?" check box:

Can this information made visible in Blazemeter reports as well?


Blazemeter SaaS


It is not possible to list redirects in Blazemeter reports currently.

As a workaround you could include the "View Results in Table" listener in your JMX script and specify a filename in the "Write Results to file" field (see screenshot above).

When the Blazemeter test has completed, the file is included in the, downloadable from the logs tab.

You can then load that file into JMeter's "View Results in Table" listener to list the redirects that the test met.

Additional Information

If a test runs from multiple load generators, using the workaround means that for each of these load generators, the specified file would have to be extracted from and loaded into the mentioned listener.