CDX8E00 FMID supersedes CEZ6400 FMID for Common Services r14.0 for the Easytrieve Option.
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CDX8E00 FMID supersedes CEZ6400 FMID for Common Services r14.0 for the Easytrieve Option.


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When installing Common Services 14.0, please explain what the CDX8E00 FMID is and when it should be installed.


CDX8E00 FMID is the FMID for the Easytrieve option under Common Services 14.0 and supersedes CEZ6400 FMID.

You will want the CDX8E00 to be installed if the ONLY Easytrieve product you currently have is the CA Easytrieve option delivered with Common Services.

If you have the full product of CA Easytrieve, then you will have the total functionality of the product. Common Services has limited functionality.

If you have previously compiled and link-edited Easytrieve programs which were compiled/linked under the full product, then you will need the full product in order to run them unless they are very basic and the programs only encompass the functionality delivered with the Common Services product.


Release: EDBMSU00200-6.4-Easytrieve-Report Generator-Option for DB2-MSU