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Can't discover a devices


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


I can't discover a device in NetOps Performance Management.  The devices show as pingables rather than manageable devices



device issue


Dx NetOps Performance Management any version


Attempt to "walk" the device.  When doing this you eliminate the software from the issue


Here is example syntax:

  • snmpwalk -v (snmp version 1|2c|3) -c (community string) <IP Address>
  • /opt/IMDataCollector/scripts/sapwalk2 -i <IP address> -v v3 -s <starting oid> -u <v3 username> -l <security level> -xt <auth type for v3> -xa <auth password for v3> -xp <privacy password for v3> -xe <privacy type for v3> 


If you cannot walk the device you will not be able to discover it.  At this point it is likly a community string or device configuration issue that should be resolved by the network team


Additional Information

SNMPWALK and SNMPGET V3 examples: