'Time Slicing Sync' job debugging


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How do I enable debugging for the 'Time Slicing Sync' job (renamed from Time Slicing Group By job starting in 15.9.2) used for per-period metrics and Group by Aggregation in the Modern UX for SQLCurves?

How can I detect if a sql curve is out of sync with the corresponding nkcurve?


Component: Clarity Time Slicing

Release: 15.9.1 and higher


Step 1: Enable debugging for com.niku.blobcrack.SqlCurveCrack

  1. Log in to Clarity as an Administrator
  2. Replace everything after action: in the URL with Security.Logs
  3. Click on the Logs drop down and select 'Edit Configuration'
  4. Click Add Category
  5. Scroll down to the new category created and add the following
    1. Other Name = com.niku.blobcrack.SqlCurveCrack
    2. Appender = STDOUT
    3. Priority = Debug
  6. Click Save

Step 2: Check the following option when running the job: Debug Logging (Log debug output in 15.9.1)

Screen shot from 15.9.2:

Screen shot for 15.9.1:

Step 3: Review the details in the bg-ca.log.

You can search for 'blobcrack.SqlCurveCrack' for output related to the job

Step 4: Once debugging is captured, disable debugging

This can be done by either deleting the blobcrack.SqlCurveCrack category, or changing the Priority of the category from Debug to Fatal.

This will prevent the logs from filling up with debug information in case the job is checked to run with parameter 'Log debug output'.

Additional Information

See: Time Slicing Group By for more information on this job

See also Debugging/Logs for troubleshooting - Master KB for Clarity