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Is there a group rule item that corresponds to poll rate in DX Netops Performance Management


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


I need to create a group of fast polling interfaces that are polled at 1-min polling .

When I go through the group rules, I see there is an "Interface Polling" field, does this correspond to Poll Rate?


Dx NetOps Performance Management any version


The Interface Polling field is not for polling rate but can be used to find Interfaces that are "Enabled" or "Disabled". Disabled interfaces would be those for which polling was disabled in the DX Netops Portal UI.

There isn't a group rule choice that filters on Poll Rate, that could be submitted as an enhancement

PollRate is an available attribute under DA Rest:


    The rate at which the DC is currently polling the item. Read-only.
    create: N/A
    get: Optional
    getlist: Optional
    update: N/A


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