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IDMS: HealthChecker CPU utilization


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The default HealthChecks provided at IDMS installation should use very little CPU.

This article describes how to check how much is used.


Release : All supported releases
Component : IDMS


Use the following z/OS command in SYSVIEW:

f hcheck,display,check(CA_IDMS,*),detail,diag

At the end of the output, the following fields can be found:

668 00000094   INTERNAL DIAGNOSTICS -  CHECK TOKEN: 00000050_FC93C000

668 00000094   ASID: 0073  FUNC: N/A                                 

668 00000094   LAST CPU TIME: 0.000  MAX CPU TIME: 0.000             

These two fields represent the amount of CPU time the check used the last time it was run, and the maximum amount of CPU time the check has ever used for any one execution.

If using SDSF, use the CK command.