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Metric vailability data not reflecting in UMP & OC for net_connect & CDM nfs file systems


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We added some new server for availability monitoring  in net_connect probe.

Also, few nfs file systems (CDM) are not visible in Metrics tab in UMP

But the data is not populating in USM console find the screenshot below. Could you please look in to this.

1. This is working server where net_connect probe PING metric is available

2. Here, this Robot has net_connect probe running but this PING metric is not available in UMP | OC


We found the device had been decommissioned already but with same IP Address and this device is black listed.

Root cause is that, because of this blacklisted IP, the metrics are getting ignore with the message in discovery_server logs

DEBUG - Skipping metric with excluded ConfigItemId: CmMetric{ metId=M07C288DCE002C3E52C52259F4F1FA204 ciId=C0DB6564BDE749F92B9D06839055040D9 type=10.2:10 }


Release : All UIM version


1. Verify list of devices blacklisted in CM_BLACKLIST_COMPUTER_SYSTEM & CM_BLACKLIST_DEVICE tables

2. Note down bl_id value and then un-black from discovery_server probe -> Probe Utility

3. Use below call back to un-black

4. After un-black listing the IP, the metrics are available in both UMP & OC