sendevent -F filename option in IXP CLI Windows
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sendevent -F filename option in IXP CLI Windows


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CA Workload Automation iXP


I'm using IXP CLI on my Windows OS laptop.

In that, I'm trying to use the command "ixsendevent -F filename" and getting the error as below. 

C:\Users\xxxxxx\ixp>ixsendevent -F C:\Users\xxxxxx\ixp\testjil.txt
CAUAJM_E_60044 Could not open file C:\Users\xxxxxx\ixp\testjil.txt

Whereas when I try to run the same command from a Unix server, it is able to open the file and run the sendevent commands that are saved in that file.

Please advise how I can make use of the "ixsendevent -F filename" command from my windows OS laptop.



Release : 11.3.5/11.4

Component : CA Workload Automation IXP


The iXp Client CLI commands do mimic their AutoSys CLI counterpart. However, the actual execution of the AutoSys commands take place on the iXp server. Therefore, the input file specified in the -F argument has to be located on the iXp server as well.


When you run "ixsendevent -F <path>\<filename>", the <path>/<filename> needs to be present on the iXp Server not Client side.