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How to Configure a Custom SSH port using the Putty Login Application


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By default using the PUTTY.vbs as the login application uses port 22. This is the default SSH port. This document describes what needs to be modified in order to use a custom port.


In order to use a custom port with the Putty.vbs script the following file needs to be modified:


There are two lines what start with "DIM" After these two lines there is the following line:

Set pupmObj = CreateObject("ACLauncher.ACWebLauncher") 

ADD the following line after the line above:

pupmObj.SetPUTTYOption "PortNumber", "REG_DWORD", "<Your_custom_port_number>" 

This should result in the following sequence of lines:

Set pupmObj = CreateObject("ACLauncher.ACWebLauncher") 
pupmObj.SetPUTTYOption "PortNumber", "REG_DWORD", "<Your_custom_port_number>" 
hwnd = pupmObj.LaunchePUTTY("#host#","#userName#", "#password#") 

Save the file

Note: the "PortNumber" name comes from the registry values in Putty. An example path to PUTTY settings:



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