Unix agent does not connect | 'gss_accept_sec_context'
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Unix agent does not connect | 'gss_accept_sec_context'


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation



Unix agent does not connect to Automation Engine.  The agent starts in the SMD, and the PID is active on the server, but you're unable to run jobs, the agent is greyed out. 

The following error messages are present in the agent log:

U02000073 Connection to system 'AUTOMIC' via CP Server '' successfully established.
U02000105 Error when calling the function 'gss_accept_sec_context' (Ret='0', minor='1009').
U02000010 Connection to Server '*SERVER(s=10,ID=25)' terminated.


Release : 12.2.X, 12.3.X





Troubleshooting in 12.x versions:

This error is common if the agent was moved or newly installed, and was not configured correctly during the process. The error can also occur if Automation Engine was upgraded or moved to a different server. 

Check the following:

1.  Agent's .INI file - verify the name of the agent, system name, connection (cp=), port and also the commands in ServiceManager and SMDialog

2. Renew agent's transfer key - in client 0 in Administration Perspective, go to Agents&Groups -> Agents -> right-click on the agent -> 'Renew transfer key'

3. Attempt to delete the agent from the Automic Web Interface

If nothing that listed above resolved the issue, open a ticket with Support and provide the following:

-Set agent trace to TCP/IP=2 in agent .INI file, restart the agent, reproduce the issue, and provide agent log, trace, and Automation Engine logs.

Automation Engine logs are located in AutomationEngine\temp directory, agent logs are located in <agent installation>\temp directory.


Upgrade the Agents to 21.x version or superior as the behavior will now be correct, as soon as the Agent detects that the first connection attempt to the Automation Engine is not possible, the Agent will shutdown immediately and will no longer keep on trying to reconnect.

This will be the expected behavior for all Agents for all kind of typical initial connection issues to the AE (JCP / CP or TLS or GSS related issue).

There will be no fix for version 12.3.x or inferior.