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If the booking manager modifies the allocation percentage or dates and proposes it, the updated values are not retained when the project managers books the requisition with proposed allocation.


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The project manager raises a requisition for a resource with the default allocation % for a resource (say 100%). But, due to resource's unavailability, booking/resource manager modifies the allocation percentage (say to 50%) or the dates and proposes the resource. The project manager books therequisition with the proposed allocation details but the booked requisition does not retain the changes made in the proposal by the booking manager.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Configure Clarity with a Project Manager without access rights to hard book any resources (only soft book) and with rights to create requisitions.
  2. Configure a Booking Manager / Resource Manager which has all access rights on some resources and requisitions.
  3. As a PM: Create a project and set the "Requisition Approval Required" field to "True". (Not documented - but without this flag - the PM cannot "book" the proposed resource from the BM).
  4. As a PM: create a resource requisition with a resource 100% allocated for a period of time. Set the requisition status to "Open".
  5. As a BM: Edit the requisition with a resource with only 50% allocated time for the same period. "Propose" the requisition.
  6. As a PM: Choose to "Book" the proposed requisition. On team tab, the booked resource should have an allocation of 50%. Instead it shows as 100%, which is not correct




Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus



As step 5, The booking manager has to modify the requisition in 2 different tabs before proposing. Please perform the following 2 steps.

As a BM:

5.1) Go to requisition properties tab which shows requested amount. Edit the allocation percentage to 50% or the dates.

5.2) Go to requisition resources tab, click resource properties icon, and modify the allocation percentage to 50% or dates.(This is where the proposed amount is actually declared)

The booking manager should ensure the allocations are correct in both the tabs and then propose the requisition.