Types of Run Script Task
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Types of Run Script Task


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IT Management Suite


What are the "Types of Run Script" tasks available with Task Management?


ITMS 8.x


We have 3 types of Run Script Tasks, designed as:

      1) "Run Script on Server" - executes Script Task on Notification Server
      2) "Run Script on Task Server" - executes Script Task per each selected client on a Task Server where the selected client machine is registered/connected
      3) "Run Script" - executes Script Task on selected client machines, where Script Task is delivered to a selected client over a Task Server where it is registered/connected

Prior to ITMS 8.6 release, you cannot specify an exact Task Server to be used to deliver a task to a client or to be used to execute a task. Overall, the client side decides (depending on the load of the Task Servers, as one of the factors) which Task Server to use from the list of available for tasks processing; registers within it to be able to process any task.

However, we have the ability to assign the client manually to the exact Site Server (Task Server, etc.) depending on your needs:

In this case, only this Task Server will be available to be selected by the client machine. If the Task Server is switched off then no tasks will be processed by the selected client machine.
With ITMS 8.6, the following has been introduced:
  • Ability to run scripts on a specific Task Server using the new Run Script on Specific Task Server task.