MTC-A not showing all rules - Enabled Rules are missing
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MTC-A not showing all rules - Enabled Rules are missing


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Our team was playing around in MTCA and noticed an oddity. Under Rules it has a count next to each rule type but we noticed it’s not accurate.



MTCA listed CMD(33)rules but **.**.CMD.RULES has 188 members in it. When I looked at the 33 rules in MTCA and compared them to what AOF shows, they all had a status of DISABLED so it looks like MTCA is only showing us disabled rules.


MTCA list GLV(3) rules but SYSAX.OP.GLV.RULES has 11 members in it and 3 of them are disabled.


I did see MTCA has filter options and verified that none were being applied. I then tried to filter on just enabled rules and it comes back with no rules found.


Release : 13.5 and higher



It was discovered that only the disabled rules were showing and not the enabled rules, leading to the suspicion that AOFSOURCETEXT might be wrong.  Our documentation reads:  

If the AOFSOURCETEXT parameter is set to NO, only dynamic rules are eligible for LISTSRC processing.When the value of the AOFSOURCETEXT parameter is NO and you issue the LISTSRC command, CA OPS/MVS returns the following information to the external data No default is specified.For all enabled rules to be eligible for LISTSRC processing, the AOFSOURCETEXT parameter must be set to YES.

Disabled uses a different command, hence those were showing up.  LISTSRCD goes after disabled rules. 

Enabled rules use LISTSRC 

Changing the AOFSOURCETEXT parameter, the problem was resolved.


Additional Information

For more information on AOFSOURCETEXT, please refer to the "AOF LIST SRC" section of the "ADDRESS AOF Commands" area of the documentation.  

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