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Reporter.sql taking up a lot of disk space due to old Flow Forensics reports


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Hello, Our reporter DB has doubled in size (~ 4 GB to ~ 8 GB) after we deleted several devices (~100). This happened in mid December with no other changes to the system (versions etc. constant).  Is there an option to compress or to cleanup it up? DB in question is:   

mysqldump --routines --events -u root reporter --skip-lock-tables > reporter.sql



Years worth of old Flow Forensics reports were taking up disk space


Release : ANY



Run a CARE file and look at the database information included in it. The "RA_TableStatus.txt" included in the CARE file will show information on the size of each table in the Reporter database. Specifically, the "Rows" column will show which tables are taking up the most rows.

Looking in the CARE file, we could see that the largest tables were flow forsenics tables:


The output of the "RA_flowforensicsreport_definitions.txt" tells us which instance number corresponds to which Flow Forensics report name. Using this information, we can log on to the NFA Console GUI and delete the old Flow Forensics reports that are taking up the most space.