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How I can find in the GSS database a username that started a particular task?


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Ghost Solution Suite


Where in the GSS database might we find a username which started a particular task?

For example, when after we boot into WinPE and the DAgent connects to GSS (Ghost Solution Suite), someone will assign a task to that new computer. 


GSS 3.3


The following query may help to get the required information. You may also review tables used in this query and adjusted as needed:
comp.computer_name as [computer name], as [job name], as [user name],
sl.schedule_time as [job schedule time],
sl.status as [job statuses]
from status_log sl
join computer comp on comp.computer_id=sl.computer_id
join event_schedule es on es.schedule_id = sl.schedule_id
join event ev on ev.event_id = es.event_id
join securityuser u on u.user_id = sl.user_id