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Java Patching in Policy server and directory server


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We're running a Policy Server and we'd like to know how to upgrade the
JDK version.

How can we do this ?




At first glance, according to our Support Matrix, with Policy Server
12.8SP3, you should use AdoptOpenJDK :

  OpenJDK forks support

And from this KD, you'll get details how to get the AdoptOpenJDK : 

  SPS upgrade to 12.8 SP03

For Policy Server running on Linux, you have to install the
AdoptOpenJDK and then you have to modify the environment variable. By
default, these environment variables are set from this file :

ca_ps_env.ksh :

  NETE_JRE_ROOT="/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk-"; export NETE_JRE_ROOT

So you only have to stop the Policy Server, modify the value of the
variable NETE_JRE_ROOT and start the Policy Server.

The same way, you'll update the JDK version in CA Directory. Out of
the box, the CA Directory has configured JVM by environment variables.

Out of the box, CA Directory uses :

/opt/CA/Directory/dxserver/install/.dxprofile :


So you only need to stop CA Directory, modify that environment
variable and start the CA Directory.