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Is it possible to restore removed models


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CA Spectrum


I recently performed a model search under the OneClick Locater tab and found some device models in maintenance mode that do not exist as models under the Explorer tab.  My assumption is that these devices were removed as opposed to being deleted some time ago.  Is it possible to restore these models?


The model was removed from the Topology by a user right clicking the model and selecting Remove.


Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


If you found some devices in Maintenance mode in the Locater search, but even if you cannot find them under the Universe (Explorer TAB), there is no need to restore these models. Because they are still in the SSdb database.

Let me give you an example:

a) Here is a Cisco device named Sim35785... under the following locations:

  • Global Collections --> Cisco
  • Universe --> Branch1 --> Sub-brach3

b) You can also see the information in the Attributes TAB of the Cisco device:

  • CollectionsModelNameString (0x12adb)
  • TopologyModelNameString (0x129e7)

c) Then you right-click the device under the Universe --> Branch1 --> Sub-brach3 and choose to Remove, it will be removed only from the Universe. It is still under the Cisco Global Collections.

d) And if you do a Search, you will find it. And in the Attributes TAB you can find the device location. It is under the Cisco Global Collections.

e) You can copy it back to the Universe --> Branch1 --> Sub-brach3 container. Right-click the device under the Cisco Global Collections and choose Copy, then go to the Universe --> Branch1 --> Sub-brach3 container, right-click and choose Paste in the Topology TAB, then click on the Save button.

f) Now you have the device back on both locations:

If the device was deleted or destroyed instead of removed, then you have to either rediscover the device or perform a SSdb restore.