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Context-sensitive help not working when AWI was opened in a non english language.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The problem is encountered with AWI 12.3. If the interface is opened in any other language than English (French or German).

The online help button (A)  and the context sensitive (B) help are not working:



and the user runs into the following error message when the browser tries to open the documentation link (here AWI is opened in German, similar messages is return by AWI in French):


This is a legacy problem of AWI. Before version 12.3, the online documenation existed in the three available languages : English, German and French.

So AWI was always able to open the online help specific for its language settings.

Coming up with 12.3, Documenation was only produced and english, but the default behavior remained unchanged.

So, this feature did not work anymore for German and French.




Release : 12.3 Component : AUTOMATION ENGINE




Consists in forcing the use of the english online Help by updating on the Tomcat Server the file as follows:


Save the file

Log out and log in again into AWI.


Solution : Problem will be solved for German in AWI 12.3.5, because Documenation will be available again in German.

What will be with French still will have to be determined, possibly the workaround will still be necessary.