Timesheet users landing on grey page when navigating to new UX


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Problem Statement: Timesheet users opening new UX via menu Action link from classic Clarity are presented with a blank screen. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Set up Clarity menu Action link (http://<clarityurl>/pm). Detailed documentation to create action link 
  2. Create a new user and grant that user Timesheets - Navigate right (no other new UX right)
  3. Login as the new user to Classic Clarity and click action link created on Step 1 

Expected Results: The user is routed directly to the Timesheets section of New UX and no error is shown

Actual Results: The user sees a page with an error message “You do not have permissions for the new user experience.” and then is rerouted to a grey page.


Clarity defect DE59668


Clarity 15.9.0 and onwards 


The defect is fixed in upcoming release i.e. 16.0


  1. Refresh the page in the browser again OR
  2. Create another action link which goes directly to Timesheet example http://<clarityurl>/pm/#/timesheets

Additional Information

Create a menu link to classic ppm to clarity