Timesheet users landing on grey page when navigating to new UX
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Timesheet users landing on grey page when navigating to new UX


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Summary: Timesheet users opening new UX via menu Action link from classic Clarity are presented with a blank screen. User gets a blank page when clicking a link from Classic Clarity into MUX. This is a Timesheet user that does NOT have the 'Project Tiles - Navigate' and/or 'Projects - Navigate' rights granted. The issue is only reproducible on a SSO environment. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Set up Clarity menu Action link (http://<clarityurl>/pm
  2. Create a new user and grant that user Timesheets - Navigate right (no other new UX right)
  3. Login as the new user to Classic Clarity and click action link created on Step 1 

Expected Results: The user is routed directly to the Timesheets section of New UX and no error is shown.

Actual Results: The user sees a page with an error message 'You do not have permissions for the new user experience.' and then is rerouted to a grey page. 


Clarity 15.9.0, 15.9.1, 15.9.2, 15.9.3 




  1. Refresh the page in the browser again OR
  2. Create another action link which goes directly to Timesheet example http://<clarityurl>/pm/#/timesheets 


Fixed in Release 16.0.0 

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