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RHEL7 pre-requisites for Policy Server and WAOP


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CA Single Sign On Federation (SiteMinder)



We're planning to install Policy Server 12.8SP2 and Web Agent Option
Pack 12.52SP1CR11 on RedHat 7 and we'd like to know the Linux
Pre-Requisites which are required to be present on the host before
attempting to install Policy server.

Could you precise them ?




Policy Server 12.8 on RedHat 7;
Web Agent Option Pack 12.52SP1 on RedHat 7;




At first glance, the prerequisites are described here for Policy
Server 12.8 :

  Install Required KornShell Package

    The Korn shell (ksh) is required during Policy Server installation
    and upgrade on Linux platforms. Verify that the relevant Korn shell
    library is present.


  Verify Required Linux Libraries

    If your Red Hat environment supports X11, no additional library files
    are required for Policy Server. If your Red Hat environment does not
    support X11 (for example, a headless environment), install the
    libraries that are required to support X11.

The support of X11 is described here :

  Minimal number of X11 packages to support X forwarding on Redhat 7 for Policyserver

    # yum install "@X Window System"

For the Web Agent Option Pack, follow the documentation here :

  Required Linux Libraries

For the Policy Server 12.8 on RedHat 7, you only have to install ksh,
and "X Window System" as mentioned previously.

Second, if the Web Agent Option Pack and its application server are
64bit, you have only to add the libraries for 64bit (x86_64) as stated
in this KD :

  Looking for RHEL7 Webagent Option Pack


    To install and verify the prerequistes :

      Web Agent Option Pack

 The following topics provide information on how to install the Web
 Agent Option Pack and deploy the Federation web services

    which link includes the following requirements :

      Web Agent Option Pack Installation Requirements

  Red Hat 7.x:

  The following packages are required to install 64-bit Web Agent
  Option Pack on Red Hat 7.x 64-bit:


    From the above list, as the Application Server and Web Agent Option
    Pack are 64bit, you should replace "i686" with "x86_64" for the
    package name


And as per documentation, for Web Agent Option Pack 12.52SP1 64bit on
RedHat 7, you do need to install :


From RedHat 7 on date of Jan 2021 this version has been upgraded to :


So if the Web Agent Option Pack and its Application Server are 64 bit,
then you don't need to install the .686 packages.

The libidn is library to handle domain names in URL. So it's
needed. On RedHat 7, run the following :

  # yum search libidn

should return :


  libidn.x86_64 : Internationalized Domain Name support library


Then you'll install it as :

  # yum install libidn.x86_64

Make sure that the system is fully updated before : 

  # yum upgrade

Note that "libidn.x86_64" package will provides So
there's no need to search