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ARD name of a flow as shown in the tab is not updated when using Windows copy and paste of a .vtf file


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When copying and pasting a .vtf file in Windows Explorer and then opening the new .vtf flow from the file, it still shows the name of the old flow and not the name of the new file. 
So there is a discrepancy between the name in the tab and the name of the .vtf file.



This is working as designed.


Release : 3.0

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


The reason for the observed discrepancy is that the name of the file and the title as shown in the tab are 2 different items.
When saving a flow for the first time, the name of the file and the title as shown in the tab are the same. 
But these can be independently changed.

The title as shown in the tab can be changed by right clicking the tab and selecting properties.
Changing the title does not change the file (.vtf) where this flow is stored.
There are 2 ways to view the filename:
1) Hover the cursor over the tab. It will then show the full filename including the path.
2) Right click the tab and select 'Save to File'. The file name will then be shown in 'Saving to file:'.

To change the filename just rename or copy the file in Windows Explorer.
Then open the file in ARD.
The title and tab description will remain the same as in the original file but can be changed to a different title.