Unable to delete an account from the global user
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Unable to delete an account from the global user


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CA Identity Manager


The role is not assigned to the global user in Provisioning Manager, and there is an account correlated with the global user even though the account does not exist on the endpoint.

 I want to delete this account, but even if I execute "Remove Account from user" for this account, the following error occurs and I cannot delete it.


User Account 'Account_Name' on 'Endpoint_Name' read failed: DB Read failed: No such object


Release : 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


The account has been deleted from the Provisioning Directory, but its inclusion still remains.


Make sure the “Inclusion” information still exists at the following locations for ADS endpoint Account.

If you use other endpoints, make sure of the eTInclusion ID under the other “etSubordinateClass”.



The part of eTInclusionID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is "Global User's eTID @ Endpoint Account's eTID".


If the endpoint account does not exist in the provisioning directory and the correlation information between the global user and the endpoint account exists in Inclusion, delete this correlation (eTInclusionID) by LDAP command or LDAP browser like JXplorer.