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GigaStor license is installed on an unapproved system


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CA Application Delivery Analysis MTP (NetQoS / ADA) CA GigaStor



Can you double the storage capacity of a Gigastor 4T by replacing the 500 GB disks with new 1T disks?

And when you change back to 500GB disks it work OK.

With 1T disks you get the message when attempting to launch the Expert Probe in GigaStor, the following message is displayed:

GigaStor license is installed on an unapproved system
The Gigastor capabilities will be disabled


Network Instruments have confirmed for CA support in regard to the message;

That the Gigastor license in installed on an unapproved system.
The Gigastor capabilities will be disabled'

That it means that the license is associated with the size of disk. So a license will be issued for a 500GB or a 1TB disk.

You then cannot upgrade the disk without purchasing a license for a larger disk, otherwise you get the capabilities disabled, as has happened here.

If you need to purchase a new license for a larger disk please request this the CA GIS licensing team.


Component: APMAGT