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When assignee is changed within a same group, a notification email is sent out.


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CA Service Desk Manager


When the "Transfer" Activity Notification is set up to send out a notification when a Group is changed, it will be sent out when an assignee is changed within the same Group too. Is there a way to stop sending the notification?

1. Create a new Site-defined macro with the following conditions.

1) Group equals "Group A"
Sequence: 10
Attribute: Group
Operator: Equals
Value: Group A
Connector: AND

2) Group Previous does not equals "Group A"
Sequence: 20
Attribute: Group Previous
Operator: Does Not Equals
Value: Group A
Connector: AND

3) Group Previous id not Null or Empty
Sequence: 30
Attribute: Group Previous
Operator: Not Empty/Null

2. Attach the created macro to a Notification Rule. 

3. Attach the created Notification Rule to "Transfer" Activity Notification and remove other Rules from Transfer Activity Notification. 

4. Create a new ticket and assign it to the group "Group A". (Assignee is blank)

5. Assign an analyst from the Group "Group A" to the created ticket.
The "Transfer" Activity Notification is sent out. This is expected behavior. 

6. Update the assignee to another analyst within the same Group "Group A".
The "Transfer" Activity Notification is sent out despite that the previous and current group are same.  


Release : 17.x



It is working by design.

In order to stop sending the notification to the assignee when it is changed within the same Group, the SPEL code customization is required. 

Additional Information

Ref. How to send a Notification if the Group changes, but NOT when the Assignee only changes, within Service Desk Manager