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CA Endevor SCM Processor symbolic override not resolving as expected


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


During processor execution a symbolic is concatenated to create a dataset name. The symbolic is overridden by the processor group. However, the resolved dataset name contains spaces and was not valid.  This results in allocation errors when the processor executed.   


For unknown reason, the overridden symbolic value appeared to contain spaces  


Release : 18.1, 18.0 

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


Symbolic override had spaces appended at end. When resolved, this would create an invalid dataset name. Resolved by using Batch Admin to delete, then redefine symbolic override without spaces. 

Additional Information

Use CSV Utility (BC1JCSVU) for a 'LIST PROCESSOR GROUP' request. That will display all symbolic overrides along with the length. In this case, the length was 50 characters for a 3 character symbolic.  Batch Administration (ENBE1000)  'DELETE PROCESSOR SYMBOL' was used to delete the symbolic override. Next, Batch Admin 'DEFINE PROCESSOR SYMBOL' was used to redefine the correct override value.