TrapInsight InsideView - Grafana dashboards availability
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TrapInsight InsideView - Grafana dashboards availability


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CA Spectrum


I have configured Spectrum Performance InsideView and Grafana Dashboards and have data here, so my InfluxDB is up and running, and InsideView is working. I have imported TrapInsight JSON but do not show data. How do I get TrapInsight dashboards to work?


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


TrapInsight is a separate InfluxDB than Spectrum Performance related. A TrapX-enabled Secure Domain Connector must be installed in order to receive the network traps to be logged. As part of the TrapInsight configuration, SDC Logstash will also be enabled. This will log the traps, and through the SDC connection, forward them to the InfluxDB on the SpectroSERVER. 


1. First ensure TrapX is installed and configured by following documented steps: 

TrapX Documentation

KB Article: Not seeing traps from TrapX (SDC) landing on the Spectroserver

2. Once you confirm Traps are getting processed in the sdmLog.log of the TrapX SDC server, then proceed to deploy Logstash and configure the Grafana Dashboards:

TrapInsight Documentation

3. You can also tail the <SPECROOT>/influx/INFLUXD.out log to confirm the traps are getting logged into the Trap Insight database. 

4. NOTE: If you have already configured Grafana Dashboards for Spectrum performance and created the InfluxDB Data Source, you will need to create a second NEW Data Source for "Trap Insight", and point the Trap Insight dashboards to this new data source.