How can I make a field required dependent on the current status
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How can I make a field required dependent on the current status


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Sometimes it can be useful to make a field required, dependent on the status.

Example of the business requirement: The "Resolution Code" should be set, when the status of an Incident is "Closed". As long as the status is not "Closed", it is not necessary to set the "Resolution Code".


To implement the requirement, follow these steps:

  1. Logon to Service Desk Manager.
  2. Click on Administration tab.
  3. Click on Service Desk node (left frame).
  4. Click on Request/Incidents/Problems node.
  5. Open the Status list and select the status "Closed".
  6. Click on the tab named "2. Incident Status".
  7. Click on the sub-tab named "2. Incident Dependent Attribute Control".
  8. Click on "Create New".
  9. Select the attribute you want to make required (e.g. Resolution Code).
  10. Check the "Required" check-box and click on Save.

Now the status detail page for "Closed" looks like this:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1


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