VNA upgrade automation- Installer response file using jenkins


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CA Performance Management - Data Polling


We are in the process of automating the VNA upgrade on our server.

To run a silent install, we need to property names that the installer response file should be passing during installation.


Release : 3.7

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Performance Management


There is no supported silent install for VNA at this time. We have not tested using Jenkins to automate the install so we cannot guaranty it will work. Here are the questions and default answers that are asked during the install of VNA. If you installed the defaults only a <CR> would be needed for the question to be answered. If upgrading it should get the defaults from the installation and only need a <CR> for each question. 

Installation directory = /opt/CA

Default user domain = Default Domain

Wildfly admin password = admin

Wildfly JMS password = app

Configure APM = N

MySQL server port = 3306

MySQL root user password =  admin

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