Estimating Datacom File Sizes for CA 7


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CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition


I have been asked to provide the appropriate table sizes in Datacom, based on current file sizes in CA 7, prior to converting from CA 7 r11.3 to the Datacom product.

Is this information available?


Release : 12.1

Release : 12.0

Component : CA-7


The Datacom Data Areas are:


Primarily information seen on the DB.1, DB.10, and DB.11 screen 


Definitions for ARFSets, ARF actions, ARF Conditions, DD entries, Dataset information, Dataset/, Global Variables, Schedule Information,  XPJob Nodes, Prose, Requirements, Triggers, VRM.

  26 AL2* tables use this area.


Primarily information displayed by LPRRN.  Also JCL if RETAIN-JCL is set to Y

J (Prior run Queue JCL) and  (Prior Run Header)


Primarily information displayed by LRLOG 

  • The AW*770 areas correlate to the CA 7 queues


  • The ‘active’ version of what is in JOB770, includes fields used for submission, security checks
  • AL2WLH (Job Queue Header)


  • Active ARF information, Alternate messages, Active VRM information,  Active Requirements (Job, DSN, User, etc.), #SCC info.



When using two EXPORT files containing the same CA 7 data as input:

  • IXX770 doubles in size
  • Queue related areas

AWH770 doubles in size

AWL770 stays the same.  Estimator does not provide a valid size for this area.

AWS770 stays the same

HIL770 stays the same.  Estimator does not provide a valid size for this area

HIS770 stays the same.  Estimator does not provide a valid size for this area

  • Data base related areas

DFS770 and JOB770 double in size.

-Listed below are the two ways you can validate your space allocations. It assumes you have completed the Conversion process described in the Installation Guide

Space validation can be achieve by using the following CA 7 command:  /DISPLAY,PERF=DATACOM

For additional information, please refer to the Workload Automation CA 7 Install Guide.

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