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Update AdoptOpenJDK on a Siteminder Policy Server or Access Gateway Server


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These instructions are to upgrade the AdoptOpenJDK version on an existing Siteminder Policy Server or Access Gateway Server running on a Windows Server OS.


Occasionally it may be necessary to upgrade the version of the AdoptOpenJDK version running on an existing implementation of the Siteminder Policy Server or Access Gateway Servers.  


Release : 12.8.03 and higher

Component : SiteMinder Policy Server; Siteminder Access Gateway Server

Operating System: Windows Server


I) Download AdoptOpenJDK 1.8.x

For Windows:

1) Browse to the following location:
2) Select the "OpenJDK8 (LTS) radio button under "Version"
3) Select the "HotSpot radio button under "Choose a JVM"
4) 'click' the "Latest Release" link.
5) Copy the .msi to the Windows host where the Siteminder component will be installed.

II) Install AdoptOpenJDK

1) Run the .msi
2) Following the prompts
3) Record the installation path

III) Modify the Siteminder Environment variables to point to the new installation of AdoptOpenJDK

1) Stop the Siteminder Access Gateway Server.
2) Browse to the Siteminder Access Gateway Configuration Folder

Default Path: C:\CA\secure-proxy\proxy-engine\conf

3) Open the file "SmSpsProxyEngine.Properties" with a text editor

4) Change the path for the environment variable "NETE_SPS_JAVA_HOME" to point to the new installation of AdoptOpenJDK

EXAMPLE: NETE_SPS_JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-

5) Open a command prompt (cmd.exe)

6) Run the SET command

7) Verify that the AdoptOpenJDK path is listed first in the PATH environment variable.


7a) If this host is only being used for Access Gateway, then uninstall ORacle Java JDK, then verify it has been removed from the PATH environment variable using the SET command.

5) Start the Access Gateway Server.