Wrong Overall Status in Schedule Dashboard Portlet in GCP/Postgres
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Wrong Overall Status in Schedule Dashboard Portlet in GCP/Postgres


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The Overall Status on the Schedule Dashboard portlet does not take into account any custom status indicators. This occurs only in Postgres.

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Go to Administration - Objects
2. Open the 'Status Report' object and go to the Attributes tab
3. Create a new attribute with the following values: 
     Attribute Name: Custom Status Indicator1
     Attribute ID: cust_indicator1
     Data Type: Lookup - Number
     Lookup: Status Report Status
     Display Mappings: 
     Green - On Track (10)
     Yellow - Needs Help (20)
     Red - At Risk (30)
4. Open the Overall Status attribute and click on the '[Build Calculated Attribute]' link
5. Update the expression to add the custom attribute created on Step 3: 
6. Update the Display Mapping Ranges to the following: 
     Green - On Track: 0-40
     Yellow - Needs Help: 41-80
     Red - At Risk: 81-120
7. Create a new project and create a new Status Report on this project
8. Set the following values for the Status Indicators: 
     Schedule Status: Green (10)
     Scope Status: Green (10)
     Cost and Effort Status: Green (10)
     Custom Status Indicator: Red (30)
9. Note that the Overall Status is Yellow (60) on the Status Report and the Status Report list, as expected
10. Go to Home - General - Project Dashboard tab
11. On the Schedule Dashboard portlet, filter for the project created on Step 7

Expected Results: The Overall Status is Yellow (60)
Actual Results: The Overall Status is Green (30)


Release : 15.9, 15.9.1



The database view (cop_odf_cop_prj_statusrpt_v2) that is referenced in the NSQL is hard coded to only include the three out of the box status indicators: 

 SELECT sr.id AS odf_pk,
    ((COALESCE(((sr.cop_schedule_status)::numeric * (1)::numeric), (0)::numeric) + 
  COALESCE(((sr.cop_scope_status)::numeric * (1)::numeric), (0)::numeric)) + 
  COALESCE(((sr.cop_cost_eft_status)::numeric * (1)::numeric), (0)::numeric)) AS cop_overall_status
   FROM odf_ca_cop_prj_statusrpt sr;



Workaround: Update the NSQL on the Schedule Dashboard portlet and replace the two references to the view: cop_odf_cop_prj_statusrpt_v2 with the view: odf_cop_prj_statusrpt_v2 


 defect DE59669 - Fixed in 15.9.2