Checkin/Checkout by remote access not possible
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Checkin/Checkout by remote access not possible


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


The exectuion of remote checkin/checkout leads to the following error message in output log:

E03020134: Network timeout (PEC ec=9).

Connection to broker and create packages are possible.


In firewall traces we see while accessing the application further blocked ports (51755,63301).
Normally we use ports 5101-5150. Can the used ports be restricted?



Release : 13.0.3 and up

Component : CA Harvest Software Change Manager


The port range can be defined in PEC, on the configuration file:

Configure Enterprise Communicator (PEC)

Define the Port Range

If you did not specify a TCP/IP port range during the CA Harvest SCM server installation, you can do this post-installation by performing the following procedure.
Important! The port range specified must be greater than or equal to the number of product server processes and remote agent processes running behind the firewall. If the port range is less than what is specified in the preceding paragraph, the check-in, check-out, load repository, form file attachment, and remote agent access may not function properly.

Follow these steps:
Open the following files for editing:

For Windows: %RTHOME%\standard\
For UNIX/Linux: $RTHOME/standard/

Define the option, setopt direct_connect_port_range, in the file.
For example, if the port range to specify is 9000 to 9100 inclusive:

setopt direct_connect_port_range 9000,9100

Save and close the file.

Note: You must restart RTserver, the product broker, and product clients for the changes to take effect.


Additional Information

When setting a direct connect port range, it is very important that you NOT include port 5101 in the port range.