SpectroWatch is not alarming when there are multiple instances that violate the watch threshold.
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SpectroWatch is not alarming when there are multiple instances that violate the watch threshold.


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CA Spectrum


A threshold watch is created on all instances of an attribute to assert an alarm if the threshold is violated. An alarm is asserted for the first instance to violate the watch. However, if another instance violates the watch threshold while the alarm exists for the first instance violation, a new event is generated but not another alarm.


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroWatch


Instead of generating an alarm when the threshold is violated, generate a custom event. Configure the custom event to generate a unique alarm for each event.

1. Log into OneClick as user that has access to the Event Configuration tool.

2. Select Tools -> Utilities -> Event Configuration from the top level menu

3. Find and select the 0x00480006 event

4. Click on the copy icon to create a copy and note the event id

5. Set the new event to generate an alarm and note the pcause code

6. In the Alarms tab of the Details panel, click on the Alarm Option tab and check the Generate a Unique Alarm for Each Event. 

7. Save the changes

8. Create another event to clear the alarm generated on the new event created previously

9. Exit the Event Configuration

10. Find and select the VNM mode

    a. Click on the Information tab in the Component Detail panel

    b. Find and expand the SpectroSERVER Control subview

    c. Click on the Update Event Configuration button

11. Edit the watch

    a. Click on the Threshold tab

    b. Set the Notification to Generate Event(s)

    c. Set the "Generate when threshold is violated" to the event id of the watch created to generate the alarm

    d. Set the "Generate when threshold is reset" and "when deactivation/all instances reset" to the event id that clears the alarm

    e. Click on the OK button

Additional Information

Please reference the "Event Configuration" and "Watches" sections of the documentation for more information.