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You do not have a user model in landscape UserPreferences


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Users are adding items to favorites in Oneclick and then closing their session.  Upon opening them again, the favorites are gone.

Reviewing the Debug Console inside OneClick reveals the error "You do not have a user model in landscape UserPreferences"


Release : 10.3



Each server should be installed with the same user ID.  This is recommended.

However, there may be cases where this does not happen.

Each user ID will need to exist on each other landscape.


Spectrum Server A was installed with User1

Spectrum Server B was installed with User2

User1 will need to be on both A and B servers, as well as User2 needs to be on both Server A and B.


Edit the user -> landscapes tab and "Add/remove" to add the missing landscape to the user that is missing from the landscape.

This error will now no longer appear.