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When will Gen know to create a Non-DLL NCAL? 


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When will Gen know to create a Non-DLL NCAL? 




Release : 8.6  8.5

Component : CA Gen Construction


Gen will know to create a non-DLL load by it's Dynamic Link Property setting as CMP. This is specified in two places.

(1) From the Application System Construction Menu --->

5. Specify target environment and construction libraries --->

opt 1. Specify Target Environment

Dynamically link procedure steps . . . CMP (YES, NO, CMP)
Dynamically link action blocks . . . . . .CMP (YES, NO, CMP)
Dynamically link screen managers . . CMP (YES, NO, CMP)

These are the Business System settings for the Dynamic Link property and the default. The default can be overwritten in item 2 below.

(2) From the Application System Construction Menu --->

1. Generate business system

M=Specify member names

Look to the far right of the panel for the Dynamic Link setting. If DEF is CMP, any module can be overwritten to YES (Dynamic link DLL) or NO (Static Link DLL) or vice versa.

Dynam Link
Acblk Screen



Only triggers get genned for both DLL and non-DLL when the CMP is set.