CA View - How Do You Change Report Retentions?
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CA View - How Do You Change Report Retentions?


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We need to implement a report retention change to comply with Federal requirements. 

If the ERO table has retention parameters added or changed for certain report names, will all the reports have the new retention period or do I need to run a job to change the retention period values?




Release : 11.5

Component : CA View


When adding or changing retentions for some reports in a View database, the SARINIT parameters EROPRO and PRETAIN are of good use. 

Upon making a change to the ERO table, ensure that EROPRO is set to either EROPRO=YES (the recommended setting) or EROPRO=ALL (a one-time setting). 

ERO retentions are re-evaluated automatically with EROPRO=YES, and the setting of EROPRO=ALL gets reset to the default of EROPRO=NEW, at the next View backup. 

With PRETAIN=TABLE, the ERO table is used as the only point of reference for retention. 

With PRETAIN=INIT, the SARINIT NGEND and NGENT are also taken into consideration, where the longer amount of time is considered.