Is Passphrase supported with OMWV - Web Viewer 11.5?
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Is Passphrase supported with OMWV - Web Viewer 11.5?


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Output Management Web Viewer


We are in the process of changing our password requirements, eventually going to a Passphrase.  

Does 11.5 have any password length requirements/ or limitations?   We will be going to a 15 character RACF password, eventually going to a phrase.   Our current usage in Web Viewer uses generic IDs with no password, but then requires the user to supply their individual UserID and password. 



Release : 11.5

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer




11.5 Web Viewer does not support using passphrases. It cannot, as the password field for the folder/repository signon only accepts 8 characters. Because 11.5 Web Viewer is nearing EOS (September 30, 2021), there is a moratorium on any further changes to that version of the application. 

Additional Information

Testing with 11.5 Web Viewer where all available maintenance is applied, you will confirm this. You first log into Web Viewer using a generic ID (which really doesn't enter into it as the passphrase would be used only for the repository connect/signon and not the 11.5 Web Viewer signon). When you select any folder/repository, the password field is limited to accepting only eight characters.