How to troubleshoot the task for which launch date is not being calculated
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How to troubleshoot the task for which launch date is not being calculated


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We have issue where for some of the tasks the launch start date is not getting calculated.

What can be the cause and how can we troubleshoot the same.


Release : 6.x



This document provides an overview of tasks and how launch date is calculated. Some information around launch date calculation

  • Template based task are not calculated.
  • Calculator during its lifecycle is going to calculate the next launch date for all the tasks (except template-based and provoked task) that need recalculation.
  • In case if one task among the tasks need recalculation has some wrong definition which will result in calculator to stop calculating the launch dates.
  • The calculator cycle is interrupted by “corrupt task” and launch date calculations are not performed.
  • To resume, it requires identification of the corrupt task and correcting the task definition.



How to troubleshoot the “Corrupt task”

  • Navigate to Job Design-> Tasks
  • Create a column filter by only having columns start date, end date, task name, label, launch dates, type, activation, nature, etc. (Column list can be narrowed depending on your need)
  • Filter the Tasks list as below

  • The list of tasks displayed are the one which calculator is calculating continuously.
  • Copy and paste this list in an excel (by selecting list, copy and paste in excel)
  • Disable, either all/or tasks for which launch date is not populated
  • Select bunch of tasks which are disabled in above step in try to enable in bunch and see if launch start date is populated
  • Continue like that until you realize that the latest enabled tasks are no longer calculating the launch date. It means that one of the latest enabled tasks is "one of the guilty tasks"
  • Correct the task definition causing corruption and save and enable the other tasks disabled above.


Enabling additional logging around CALCYCLE and CALCTA

  • In UVC navigate to Administration -> Nodes -> Select the node -> Node Settings
  • In the Node Settings, navigate to Logging and change Main log level to 0,CALCYCLE,CALCTA

  • Save and Close
  • Disable and Enable the impacted Task/s: the traces will be displayed in the universe.log
  • Set back the Main log level to 0 when troubleshooting is finished.