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Is there a way we can store the PDF of the scheduled reports?


Any release


NOTE: this logic only applies to PDF format. CSV files are always sent attached 

2. Configure the below attributes accordingly to your requirements:

Email.Report.Attach.Only=true/fase  (true : forces all PDF type reports to be sent as an attachment regardless of the value of Email.Report.Link.Only attribute)

Email.Report.Link.Only=true/false (true: forces all PDF type reports to send a link and store the actual report in the server according to Repository.Root.Directory general parameter

IMPORTANT: the behaviour depends on the DeliveryType field of email job (column DeliveryType in the email_schedules table)

                       - DeliveryType=0 (Attachment mode): By default email jobs will keep the PDF reports being attached as the usual behavior.
                       - DeliveryType=1 (Link mode): It switches this email job to send a link to the report and store it locally in the server.

3. Restart the caperfcenter_devicemanager service for the changes to take effect.

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