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Subscribe to Service Status messages via WebHook API


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As a trusted advisor to our customers, our status sites provide transparency around service availability and performance for Broadcom software products.

By subscribing through the Service Status website, you can be notified of service interruptions and maintenance notifications to Broadcom’s Enterprise Software and Security products, in a single view, without authenticating through a portal.

Broadcom provides the ability to receive a message when an incident is created or updated through a WebHook API endpoint.

Webhooks are HTTP POST requests that our servers send to the registered endpoint.

Endpoints are required to respond with a 2xx response code (3xx is considered a failure), and must respond within 30 seconds of initial connection.


Subscribe to receive incident updates and maintenance status messages via WebHook API:

  1. Go to Service Status.
  2. Click on a product tile to go to the appropriate product status website.
  3. In the upper-right corner of the page, click SUBSCRIBE.

  4. Click on the WebHook API icon (presented as code parenthesis < >)

  5. Next, enter in the URL of the endpoint that will receive the POST request and an email address so that we can notify you if Broadcom is unable to reach the endpoint.

  6. Click on Subscribe to register the endpoint.

Additional Information

WebHooks will send a POST request in JSON format. For example:

      "id": "j2mfxwj97wnj",
      "status_indicator": "critical",
      "status_description": "Major System Outage"
            "body":"A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.",
            "body":"We are waiting for the cloud to come back online and will update when we have further information",
            "body":"The cloud, located in Norther Virginia, has once again gone the way of the dodo.",
      "name":"Virginia Is Down"